Who can become a member of ICC?

- Corporations and companies in all sectors;
- National professional and sectoral associations;
- Business and employers federations;
- Law firms and consultancies;
- Chambers of commerce;

How does ICC membership work for you?

ICC members belong to an organization representing businesses from all sectors all over the world. ICC is the only world business organization. It promotes business enterprise and investment as the most effective way of raising living standards and creating wealth. ICC works for the liberalization of trade and investment within the multilateral trading system.


Being a member of ICC enables you to take part in the work of ICC's commissions and special working groups, composed of a total of more than 500 business experts who regularly meet to scrutinize proposed international and government initiatives affecting their subject areas. Members of ICC learn what really matters for their companies at an early stage and win time to make the right decisions.


Through ICC's many working bodies, members shape ICC's policy and elaborate its rules. ICC gives priority to the issues that most urgently concern its members. It is the members who set ICC's agenda.

ICC members are at the forefront of business self-regulation. ICC is world leader in setting voluntary rules, standards and codes for the conduct of international trade that are accepted by all business sectors and observed in thousands of transactions every day.


Member companies and business associations are instrumental in the development of such key international trading instruments as Incoterms, the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit (UCP 500) and GUIDEC (a set of guidelines for ensuring trustworthy digital transactions over the Internet).


ICC's privileged links with major international organizations, including the UN and its specialized agencies and the World Trade Organization, allow the organization to effectively represent the interests of its members in international fora. ICC members prepare business positions for submission to international organizations and also, through ICC's global network of national committees, to governments.


By being part of ICC, members gain influence both at national and international level.


ICC offers members many of the advantages of belonging to a prestigious club and the chance to forge business relationships at the highest level at exclusive ICC events.

Category of Annual Eligibility Condition Membership Subscription  


Patron Large sized corporations engaged in business activities.
Corporate Firms and corporations engaged in business activities.
Organization Non-profit organisations representing financial, industrial, commercial and shipping and shippers interest.


Members of ICC India are ipso facto members of ICC.