Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialists

Recognised worldwide as a benchmark of competence in documentary credits, CDCS will build your skills and help you advance your trade finance career.

About the qualification

As a trade finance professional, you understand the importance of documentary credits and the need to ensure that all parties adhere to the international guidelines.
CDCS will improve your knowledge and understanding of the complex issues associated with documentary credit best practice. You’ll learn to:

  • understand documentary credits – the products, parties, processes and rules that underpin documentary credit transactions
  • identify documentary credit risks, breaches and irregularities
  • manage documentary credit transactions
  • apply knowledge of processes, ICC rules and trade terms.

Your studies will cover

CDCS is a globally recognised standard of competence, which we created with industry experts and manage in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

  • The types, characteristics and uses of documentary credits and standby letters of credit
  • Rules and trade terms, including UCP 600, ISP98, ISBP 745, Incoterms® 2020 and URR 725
  • Parties to documentary credit transactions and their roles and obligations
  • Types and methods of payment and credit used in documentary credit transactions, including the concept of autonomy
  • Types of transport, commercial and financial documents used in documentary credit transactions
  • Related products including letters of indemnity, air way releases and steamship guarantees
  • The implications of breaching rules including money laundering and terrorist financing

Benefits for you

  • Qualify in as little as six months
  • Study online – anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Access research tools and industry analysis through KnowledgeBank and Financial World magazine
  • Demonstrate your expertise with an internationally recognised qualification
  • Add the professional designation ‘CDCS’ after your name for the three-year validation cycle
  • Advance your career and promotion prospects


Registration fee £595
When to apply?     Registrations are open all year round
No. of modules       One
Average time to complete Six months
Study type This qualification is on demand. Everything is online and you can study at a pace that suits you.
Study material

CDCS is an online qualification available on demand through the VLE platform, Brightspace, which you will be able to access through your own personal MyLIBF account.
When you register for CDCS, you’ll also have access to:

  • Unit syllabus
  • Student handbook
  • Study text
  • Specimen paper
  • Exam simulation exercises
  • e-Quiz and,
  • A student-led forum
You can complete CDCS in six months, but if you need longer you will still have access to Brightspace and resources for one year from registration.
Assessment type

Three hour and 15-minute examination with multiple-choice questions and document checking exercises split into two sections:

  • Section A – 60 multiple-choice questions
  • Section B – ten multiple-choice questions and three document checking exercises
  • You can book your exam at any designated test centre around the world and will get your results within 24 hours.
Assessment provider You can book your exam at any designated test centre around the world and will get your results within 24 hours.

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New Registration Fee        £595
Discount for Indian Candidates £59
Net Registration Fee £536
Exam Resit Fee £350
Recertification fee £200
Exam deferral fee £150


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