Centre for Family Friendly Policies and Inclusive Economy (CFFPIE)


CFFPIE is a repository of global and national best practice that supports businesses that would like to adapt and implements Family Friendly Policies (FFPs) and inclusive economy. CFFPIE is also a hub around which the roll out of FFPs by Indian businesses could grow and showcase their support for children. The Centre is housed within ICC India.

Our Vision:

Balance work and family life and inclusive economy.

Area of work:
Providing thought leadership and direction to FFPIE in India
Creating content and knowledge around FFPs
Outreach and Consistent engagement

Our values

Inclusive Growth


About Family Friendly Workplace Policies and Practices in the context of COVID-19

The interim recommendation on Family Friendly Workplace Policies and Practices in the context of COVID-19 suggests that the companies or organisations will be in a better position to promote child’s safety and wellbeing and provide systematic support to employees by introducing family-friendly policies and practices.

About Better Jobs and Brighter Futures: Investing in Childcare to Build Human Capital

The paper presents the evidence on why childcare matters for building human capital and the current status of childcare provision worldwide, including an estimate of the global gaps in access. It also proposes specific actions countries can take to expand access to quality, affordable childcare for all families that need it, especially the most vulnerable.

About ICC/UNICEF Guide to Family-Friendly Business Continuity

The guide, which is adapted from a UNICEF guide for business, includes measures that business leaders can take to achieve both short- and long-term positive impacts.


About Children in a global crisis: the impact of COVID-19 on work and family life

The brief takes a global perspective on childcare in the early years and shares the current progress towards ensuring that all families have access to affordable and high-quality childcare.

About Executive Summary of the ICC India and UNICEF webinar on Business Continuity in Disruptive Times: Family Friendly Workplaces

The webinar’s executive summary discusses the complexities of remote working and innovative solutions to contend with emerging challenges and how organisations must reinvent processes, policies and solutions that might help companies become agile, and creative.

About Family Friendly Policies: How to implement better business practices for working parents and children

A brief presentation on FFPs and their importance.

CFFPIE Brief Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on people's capacity to balance work and caring for their children and families. Moreover, informal sector workers are highly vulnerable to economic impacts of the pandemic. In light of this, CFFPIE hosted a first virtual panel discussion on ‘Bridging the socio-economic gap: formal and informal economy workers’ to examine the latest trends related to informal workers in India, their work, challenges and what we can do to support them

#futureofwork: Enabling financial & digital inclusion for sustainable growth

The Executive Summary discusses the need for digitalisation and financial inclusion, and how partnerships are important in achieving inclusive growth.



CFFPIE Annual Review 2022

Time has been divided differently into periods before and after the unbelievable events due to covid-19 starting in the year of 2020. We responded quickly to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, and took the initiative to launch a joint initiative with UNICEF India, CFFPIE, in August 2021.


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