Commercial crime is growing faster than international trade. Frauds are more complex and involve larger sums than ever before. New scams are constantly encountered.

ICC Commercial Crime Services has saved companies and individual investors billions of dollars in potential fraud and theft through its ability to recognize early warning signs. That skill has been developed over almost 20 years at the forefront of the fight against commercial crime.

CCS offers services that can be tailored or combined to meet individual needs for company security and protection. Whatever the security problem, CCS can help.

Bureaux within CCS deal with maritime and trading crime, product counterfeiting, financial malpractice, and all other forms of commercial crime. A special cybercrime unit tackles crimes affecting electronic commerce and keeps companies informed about this fast-evolving field of criminal activity.

CCS puts its own extensive resources at the disposal of its members, while working closely with law enforcement agencies. It cooperates with customs authorities under a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Customs Organization. The international reach of CCS takes the fight against commercial crime to every corner of the globe. Its services can be tailored or combined to meet individual needs for company security and protection.

The first responsibility of CCS is to its members and those who enlist its services. The organization's discretion can always be relied upon. Often, the specialized bureaux can identify vulnerable points in corporate defences against commercial crime and help management to stop a costly scam without exposing the company to damaging publicity.

CCS has greater reach than similar organizations and can react faster for a number of reasons:

  • Unencumbered by bureaucracy, CCS responds swiftly to alerts anywhere in the world.
  • CCS acts on its own initiative, needing no go-ahead from government or law enforcement agencies.
  • CCS enjoys the confidence of senior police and customs officers of many nations.

For further information regarding any CCS bureau, please contact:

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