Why ICC India 

Set up in 1929, Indian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce (INC-ICC) is one of the most active chapters of the ICC, the world's apex business organisation. In its fold, it has a large membership of enterprises, chambers of commerce, trade & industry associations. It is the forum, which makes it easier to do business internationally.  It was rechristened as ICC INDIA, effective March 1, 1996. 

The International linkages of ICC INDIA are far and wide. The ICC network speaks, directly and indirectly, for thousands of corporations and industrial and trade associations in over 120 countries. 
Keeping with its objectives of promoting liberalisation in the country, accelerating flow of foreign investment and lowering tariff barriers to promote international trade, since its inception, it has been playing a crucial role in interacting with Government and business on economic policies.  As the process of economic reforms is gaining ground, it is emerging as a rallying point for Indian business in their effort towards globalisation. 

ICC INDIA has a two-way communication link with ICC.  It is the gateway, enabling Indian industries to have access to the mind-boggling body of information compiled, analysed and interpreted by ICC. It is the distribution centre for the valuable ICC publications which include rules on documentary credits and INCOTERMS (international Commercial Terms) which are of constant use to importers and exporters. World business community has immensely enriched from these publications so as many