How Businesses Can Benefit?

Membership in ICC INDIA brings many concrete benefits to both individual companies and to the cause of private enterprises in general. ICC INDIA members can - 

  • Cut costs for business by using ICC trade facilitation activities. 
  • Achieve better conditions for profitable international trade and investment. 
  • Promote their companies' reputation in the World forum especially through World Chambers Networks.
  • Enrich their organisations’ particular area of expertise through their executive involvement in ICC INDIA projects. 
  • Make invaluable contacts of the ICC - a meeting place for business people from all over the world in every sector. 
  • Insights on the contemporary issues from the various commissions of ICC.
  • Develop practical policies of use to business everywhere. 
  • Get help with their company's needs and problems in international trade. 
  • Obtain advance information on policy and practical issues affecting the context in which international businesses operate. 
  • Unique opportunities for the shared expertise through ICC working groups.
  • Access to essential ICC publications, conferences and services at much discounted price.