The ICC Academy is the world business organization’s ground-breaking e-learning platform. It delivers online certification and professional development services to meet the educational needs of banks, corporates and other organisations at the forefront of international trade.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy was founded in 2015 to set an international standard for testing the knowledge of practitioners in various industries.

It is recognized by private and multilateral institutions and governments. Its certification programme curriculum covers concepts and skills that one can use at all stages of their career.

The ICC Academy is a part of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce – – the world’s largest business organization representing more than 45 million companies in over 100 countries.


It provides a wide range of products and services to support its certification programmes, including: e-learning, accredited events and webinars across a range of subjects which reflect the activity of the 12 commissions of the ICC.

The ICC Academy offers valuable networking opportunities through the platform and the events, mentoring and access to high profile experts. Individuals can connect with industry professionals to exchange ideas, build their own network, and discuss issues on key topics created specifically to adapt to the courses they are interested in.

The ICC Academy online courses and certificate programmes are designed by ICC’s unrivalled roster of international experts, which include:

  • Alexander Malaket President of OPUS Advisory Services International
  • Daniel Cotti Founder and Managing Director of Cotti Trade and Treasury
  • Guillermo Jimenez Professor of International Trade and Fashion Law for the Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Pottengal Mukundan Director of ICC International Maritime Bureau
  • Reinhard Angelmar Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Management at INSEAD


The e-courses are delivered via our Learning Management System (LMS) using innovative tools for combining digital learning with industry-centric community discussions. The courses include videos, animations, case studies, and a self-assessment section. You can stop and re-start your training at where you left it and analyse your progress and understanding of individual subjects. All of the online courses are available in English. 

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