Formally, ICC's International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce, IBCC has updated its name in line with the needs and requests of ICC chamber members renamed the ICC World Chambers Federation. This event took place at the Second World Chambers Congress in June 2001.

World Chambers Federation (WCF) is ICC's department responsible for chambers of commerce affairs. WCF's mission is to strengthen chambers worldwide. It provides a unique international meeting place for exchange of experience and expertise on issues affecting chambers of commerce, particularly for chamber executives from emerging and transition economies.


World Chambers Congress

Held every two years in different regions of the world, the World Chambers Congress creates the personal networks that chamber executives worldwide need to truly exchange expertise and experience. This sharing of knowledge on a permanent basis is core objective of the Congress. The Premiere World Chambers Congress was held in Marseille in 1999 with representatives of 240 chambers from 91 countries. The second Congress, held in Seoul, 7-8 June 2001 resulted in over 800 participants of 271 chambers from 85 countries. The Third World Chambers Congress will be held in Quebec, 16-18 September, 2003. 

The World Chambers Network (WCN)

WCN mobilizes the worldwide network of chambers of commerce to work together at one Internet location - WCN is the only global chambers of commerce website, made by chambers worldwide. The WCN site provides a platform for the exchange of chamber "best practice" and facilitates communication between chambers. In addition, the site provides an international business opportunity service for chambers to promote their SME members worldwide. A worldwide directory of chambers (10000) is also located on this site.

ATA Carnets System (ATA)

WCF administers the ATA Carnet System and its international guarantee chain, according to the conventions on temporary admission of goods, developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO). The ATA carnets are extensively used in most parts of the world, with more than 195 000 issued every year for goods valued at over US$12 billion. Currently, 56 countries use the ATA Carnet for temporary admission of commercial samples, professional equipment and goods destined for international trade fairs and similar events. In cooperation with the WCO and chambers internationally, IBCC is working to extend the ATA Carnet System throughout the world.

ICC Conferences

ICC's programme of conferences and seminars is an essential channel for passing on the world business organization's expertise to a wider audience.

Alongside the conferences which spotlight policy issues of direct concern to business, ICC experts travel the world to stage seminars and courses on subjects in which ICC has unique expertise. These include Incoterms, the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits and ICC arbitration.

ICC conferences are always highly topical and are often a platform for defining policies favourable to business. Conferences are held in all parts of the world, many of them in collaboration with national committees.

Every two years ICC holds its World Congress, always at a different venue and at the invitation of a national committee. These are major global business events that bring together business and public leaders to discuss issues that affect the environment in which they work.


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