ICC India Working Group

on Intellectual Property

In a rapidly evolving economic landscape, business and policy makers in India are dealing with a range of current and emerging issues that directly/indirectly involve IP as connected to technological progress and the information society. The current IP ecosystem in India involves large corporations (India-based as well as multi-nationals), SMEs, policy makers, regulatory bodies etc.

ICC India is a key partner in supplementing ICC’s efforts by providing valuable insights into the existing environment, connecting with on ground stakeholders and providing a better understanding of Indian IP ecosystem to help ICC develop its priorities in global policy making.

With a view to diversify and augment ICC India’s effort’s on this front, ICC India Secretariat has been mandated by the ICC India Executive Committee to establish, manage and coordinate an Intellectual Property Working Group of practitioners and industry experts. The Working Group (WG) will support ICC’s role as a thought leader on IP, maintain a strong, permanent dialogue with all stakeholders including policy makers around innovation, licensing and technology transfer, piracy and counterfeiting, and develop tools to support industry digitalisation. The WG will promote adoption of IP policies and best practices that produce outcomes in line with the ICC charter, and cause significant improvement in creation and management of IP assets for businesses in India. The WG will also provide the necessary depth to ICC India and its representatives on the ICC IP Commission & various Task Forces to put forth a cohesive, widely representative and a strong voice from India on key issues.


Working Group Members