• Whether settling international contractual dispute, protecting business from commercial frauds and counterfeiting or promotion of trade and joint ventures, the ICC INDIA provides most useful services to business.
  • It informs about scheduled ICC conferences and symposia which will help members up-date information relating to their business. 
  • It organises Seminars/Workshops/Symposia on various aspects of business facilitation from time to time and invites distinguished business leaders/experts for lectures/discussions. 
  • It offers a number of books and coporate hand-books publisher by ICC publication division on topics including banking practices, arbitration proceedings, finance, commercial problems, environment and telecommunications, at a price. 
  • It helps members to avail services of ICC International Court of arbitration for the settlement of commercial disputes; the ATA Carnet System for temporary duty-free imports; the ICC Institute of International Business Law and Practice; the International Maritime Bureau, which combats maritime fraud; and Counter-feiting Intelligence Bureau. 
  • Information is sent to members on specialised ICC commissions made up of business experts, which meet regularly to formulate policies on a broad range of issues affecting commerce, investment and business practices.